Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hailie Pearl

My Granddaughter Hailie loves to see people happy and to let everyone know when she's happy. If you're not smiling or laughing and she notices she'll come up and hug you or do something to make you smile and then she says....Happy?. Happy can be in the form of a question to see if you're happy or to let you know she's happy - it's all in the way she says it and it's so darn cute! Another one for my memory bank that I don't ever want to forget!

Here she is telling me she's happy to be outside feeding the animals - even if it was a wet rainy day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The House that Built Me - Part 5 - Completed

It took us a few years of living in sawdust and paint before we got it the way we wanted but we got it done. And a few years later we added an addition to the side of it which provided a larger bathroom/laundry room. We lived there for 13 years. It wasn't by far the biggest or nicest house we ever lived in, but my parents and I agree it was the one with the best times and memories! I think we all miss living on the lake. Fishing, swimming, water skiing, and watching wild life year round really is something to treasure.

 Here are a few more photos I found.

This was the finished product! A beautiful cozy home to call our own.

My Dad with one of the many fish pulled out of the lake. My parents boat is on the left and you can just see the windshield of mine on the right. They bought me my own boat when I was 12! I was one happy girl I tell you, especially since my best friend lived at the other end of the lake!

My Dad and our neighbour putting a new roof on.

My Mom feeding the neighbourhood geese that came to visit every day.

A Mama duck and her babies taking a walk on our lawn.

Mom relaxing on a warm summer day.

Snowmachines after a winter storm. Winter's were almost as much fun as summer!

So there you have it. The house that built me. I honestly don't think I'd be the person I am today if I didn't grow up there. I cherish each and every one of my memories of that house and the unconditional love my parents gave me. ( I wasn't always an angel you know!...LOL)